How to create your own font

Welcome to our first tutorial!

There are several free font makers out there but some of them can be unnecessarily complicated and hard to use. However, I found Instafontmaker fun and easy to use, and I feel like I’m doing something constructive with my tablet, which is rare.

Screenshot_2014-01-05-22-46-14First step is easy – install Instafont on your tablet. I found it at the Play Store. Next, click on “Make Font”.


This is what your font creating screen will look like. Click on the “+” to bring up the main menu.


Click on “+ New Font”.


Type in the name of your font in the input box. If you want, you can change this later by selecting “Set Font Name” from the previous menu. If you want a decent font set with numbers, brackets, @ symbols and the like, choose the first four options. If you just want to start simple, stick to the lowercase or uppercase set. 


To choose which template you want to work on top of, click on the grid icon and then make your selection. There isn’t much to choose from but you’re going to be doing your own thing anyway, right?


Click on the brush icon and you can change how thick the line is and if you want to a round or a square brush. So far, I’ve only used the round brush, but if you can make it work, do it!


Now for the fun part! Just start drawing over the template. It takes a while to do each letter and symbol but in the end you will rewarded with your own working font!


You can either copy the template…


…or like I said before – do your own thing!

(Remind you of learning to write? Blue lines and everything.)


Click “Finish” and view your masterpiece! You can change the thickness of the font as well as the spacing at this point.  If you are not happy with what you see in the preview window, hit the back button and make your changes, as many times as you want. Once you click the “Email Font” button, you copy the file to your Dropbox* if you have it, Bluetooth it to your pc, email it to yourself or share via Wi-Fi.


Once you are done you will be taken to the “Write” page where you can choose a background, edit the text or even choose a random quote (they have some real winners). You can also choose another font, insert a picture from your device or take a new picture. You can even hange the text colour and text size if you desire.

And you’re done! Share your new font on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, granted you have those apps on your device.

 Thank you for viewing our first tutorial! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you make your own font, share it with us and we will post it on our Facebook page.

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